Why Should You Use Handmade Natural Soap?

Why Should You Use Handmade Natural Soap?

No matter what you lather up with, you’re going to step out of the shower feeling clean and refreshed — so what’s so great about handmade, all-natural soap?


It’s better for your skin

Even if you don’t have particularly sensitive skin, do you really want to rub things like sodium laurel sulfate and titanium dioxide all over your body?

You may not even realize how much healthier your skin can look and feel until you clean it with a handmade, all-natural soap!

It offers aromatherapy benefits

Handmade, all-natural soaps use essential oils to create their scents — the same oils used in aromatherapy.

The benefits of aromatherapy could make up a blog post all by themselves, but suffice it to say that aromatherapy can help with everything, from stress relief to boosting your immune system!

It can provide you with the perfect combination of ingredients and aromas.

Making soaps by hand is like making a pie from scratch — you can add a little more sugar or a little more cinnamon, depending on your taste.

When we make handmade soaps, we can add a little more oil or a little more shea butter to come up with the finest blend.

It can nourish your skin, rather than drying it out

All of the harsh chemicals you find in traditional soaps can suck the moisture right out of your skin.

By using soap that is made with all-natural ingredients, your skin can look more radiant and what’s more important – feel and be healthier.

It can help slow down the aging process

The drier your skin is, the more likely it is to develop wrinkles!

But thanks to special milks and oils in an all-natural soap, your skin can get enough nourishment and protection to ward off those tell-tale signs of aging.

 It’s made by people — instead of machines

When you use handmade all-natural soaps, you get to support small family-focused businesses and hardworking people!

Natural Organic soap for eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin

Thousands of customers have reported significant improvement in these skin conditions after regular use of organic soap.

We make facial soaps just for these ultra-sensitive skin types.

Natural Organic soap to use as a shampoo

Use organic soap as a shampoo and you'll find it will leave your hair soft and smooth. 

Scalp issues?  Some irritations are simply caused by sensitivity to the harsh chemical shampoo ingredients which can be eliminated when using organic soap. 

Dry scalp or forehead? Use shampoo with organic soap and you can wave “bye-bye” to those irritations and skin discomforts!

Natural Organic soap use can help you save on expensive skin care products

Large cosmetic brands would like you to believe that spending tons of money, per year on cleansers, moisturizers and serums will turn back the clock. 

All you really need is a natural soap.

Adding a organic soap to your everyday beauty routine can be  the basis of your simplified skin care regime that will leave your skin clean, well moisturized and protected.

Even your dermatologist will agree! 


Natural Organic soap is great for Babies and kids

Organic soap is also great for babies and children.

Yes, you need to be careful using it around the eyes, but it is better than a 'no more tears' formulation.

(did you know that a  'no more tears' formulation contains an anesthetic??)

Natural Organic Soap for Pets

Our beloved pets’ skin is supersensitive and most pets’ skin does not contain a high the level of natural oils.

Avoid the chemical pet shampoos and wash your pet with organic soap.

Your little friend will thank you later!!!

Is there any wonder why people love it so much?!

We're glad you found us. We are committed to excellency and continuous research, so as to deliver you the best products, always.

It is an honor for us to serve you and come into your home and your life, through our soaps!

We cherish and value the relationship with our customers and we are dedicated in the production of the best all-natural soaps available.

Join the thousands who are experiencing the benefits of organic.. and found their new organic soap company...for life!

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