Our approach to washing – even if it’s a daily routine – can become a ritual and a pleasurable everyday experience, thus promoting healthy and comfortable skin that looks good and feels even better!

We would like to educate our customers that the use of natural soaps can be an affordable luxury and a necessity when it comes to address specific skin problems – without the adverse effects that medicinal soaps can cause at times.

We want our customers to enjoy a holistic benefit whilst using our products – texture, aromas and exceptional overall quality.

We are fascinated by the alchemy of the soap-making process and we are courting perfection by not settling and not leaving anything to chance!

We want to introduce to the world products that are simply “back to basics”, without harsh chemicals, additives or allergenic substances!

We only choose suppliers that share the same passion and ethics with us, ensuring that our raw materials are always carefully grown and meticulously selected.

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