We are all so incredibly unique, why our soaps should be any different? Are you looking for a texture, an aroma or an amalgamation of aromas that does not exist? Look no further!!! We are here to serve you and create for you playful and unique combinations that will ultimately give you the soap you wish for, the soap you really want.

Tailor-made to your everyday or an occasional need.

Maybe, due to weather, your skin feels drier or oilier than usual. Maybe, significant skin breakouts have you in search of a really special soap that can tend to your specific needs. Maybe you just feel daring and you wish to try a new texture or an aroma you have not found in a soap yet!!! Or maybe – because you are indeed an exceptional individual – you are looking for a soap as special and unique as you are!

Tell us all about you. What aromas and textures you like. Is there a skin concern that is bothering you these days? Are you looking to enhance your beauty ritual with a more boosted version of your favourite soap? Are you looking for a new aroma to immerse yourself into? Is your baby having a particular skin concern that you are really eager to address? Your little angel deserves only the best!!!

No matter what you are thinking, no matter what is you need, we are here to help you create the soap you want, the soap you need, the soap that can satisfy your skin needs and bathe you in pure, unequivocal luxury.

We firmly believe that even the most luxurious beauty ritual should not be complicated or expensive.

Our “Back to Basics” philosophy is all about blending and mixing aromas, ingredients and textures so as to offer you the most amazing soaps!!!

We have put our hearts in our soaps so that yours will truly love them!!!

So, tell us….how may we help you today in your search for your own unique soap needs?

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