About us

We are a family business, crafting in our laboratory fine, handmade, natural, responsibly made artisan soaps from Greek Extra Virgin olive oil, strictly derived from organic agriculture.

We are solely driven by our passion for traditional recipes (while adding our expertise), combined with cutting-edge science and we will never produce anything that we won’t give to our children or won’t use ourselves!

We are proud of what we do and we are committed to excellence and quality when it comes to producing our soaps, every step of the process!

Our bespoke soap recipes are designed to be gentle, yet effective, and always moisturising on your skin.

We use the traditional cold process method of soap making, with 100% natural, sustainable oils, butters and botanicals, and pure essential oils.

Our soap-making philosophy is based on gently helping the ingredients to mix together, thus allowing the soap do its thing, naturally. We do not believe in the use of excessive heat, or ‘force-curing’ our bars with the use of dehumidifiers.

Our soaps are rich in glycerine, a substance naturally occurring during the soap-making process. We do not remove this natural moisturiser from our bars, as it is one of nature’s most potent humectants.

Colours are achieved using natural mineral pigments, always with your safety in mind!

It is of vital importance that we are in sync and in harmony with the seasons, so you’ll find special seasonal soap varieties, available throughout the year.

Our soaps are created with great environmental consciousness, which ensures that they are totally biodegradable, cruelty free and 100% vegetarian. Neither our soaps nor their ingredients are tested on animals.

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100% authentic, as Mother Nature intended them. Guaranteed.